About Projects

These are my pet projects to better my skills in tech 

Class Registration App -

The George Mason University website to register for classes was garbage so I decided to create my own database containing all the classes for the Fall of 2020 semester and search and add faster and more conveniently than the current platform offered by the institute. This is a pet project to teach me; Python, web-scraping, website building, excel, database management, NLP, Data Analysis, and a basic understanding of Machine learning. This project was created 100% by me so it’s a work in progress.

(Python, Databases, API’s, Data extraction/cleaning, Database Management, WordPress, Machine learning, Text Sentiment Analysis) 

Text Analysis App -

This uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to break-down text to components and its frequency and display them to the user. It extracts phone-numbers, emails, and websites. It also summarizes the text down to around 10%-20% compression depending on the site of the text. 

(Web Application, App Development/Deployment, Python Flask, HTML, Bootstrap, NLP, Regular Expression, Data extraction/cleaning

Craigslist Car Price Prediction App -

I will need to create a car prediction model by extracting the prices and attributes of cars around the country using Craigslist, clean the data, and train a AI model to learn on the data. Then I will create a front end App that takes the users input, searches it in Craigslist, and returns the user the Craigslist car results in a clean format – BUT it will also predict if the listing price is over or under priced based on the cars attributes (Odometer, fuel type, year, make, model, etc.) by using the data from cars all around the country. I have no idea what I am doing, but we will see.